You've lost yourself as life has hit.

I get it.



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I'm Trish.  47, Mom of two boys - 8 and 14 and my mini Poodle Tito .  Wife to my High School sweetheart - together for almost 30 years.  Fitness Professional and Certified Personal Trainer, resident Badass, healthy cook, lover of coffee, wine and Tito's :) 

This is my story.

I was an active and athletic teenager.  Field hockey, tennis and a love of running kept me fit and well into my twenties.

Then, life hit,

I have a very tight knit family - I'm the baby with 3 brothers and the most incredible Mom evah. So when my then-Fiancé/now-husband and I moved out of state from Maryland to South Carolina circa 1999, what I thought would be a good change, hit me hard. Looking back - I was depressed. I was away from my family for the very first time, had a difficult time finding a good job.. Moving was a huge adjustment- I didn't think it would be such a big deal but it was. It wasn't quite the idyllic life I had envisioned.   Though we did  meet a great group of friends who were also involved in a local rugby club.   Weekend rugby games turned into major binge drinking parties and horrible food choices!!  I quickly packed on the lbs. Which, of course, got me deeper into my funk. I was the biggest I'd ever been. I was totally lost.

After a year, we decided to start planning our wedding and move back home to Maryland. While I was elated to move back home, I was seriously not happy. I was NOT at all comfortable in my own skin.  Self conscious about how I looked which made me shy away from socializing. Being in this funk zapped my motivation to get "skinny" for my wedding.  Oh, and lets not talk about wedding dress shopping.  Kill me now.  I was too far gone, let my shit go and had given up.  Tapped out.

Sadly, I couldn't even blame being fat on having babies -I simply lived an unhealthy lifestyle.  I Ate terribly and didn't exercise.  Plain and simple.

Fast forward to married life. As a wife and mom, I was fully immersed in my roles - WIFE and MOM.  Slowly getting active again- picked up playing summer league field hockey and started running again. 

Remember it took me a few months to find employment in SC, Well I eventually landed a fricken awesome job with a Big Five Accounting firm.  I was able to transfer to the DC office when we relocated back to MD.  Working full time, commuting into the city daily, baby in daycare.  Life was good.

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I finally hit rock bottom in 2006 when my baby was about 3 years old.  I was sick of myself - depressed - overweight - unhealthy - 35 years old.  I remember this like it was yesterday. I remember waking up one Sunday morning, totally fed up w/ myself ...done.  I got on the scale, and I was the heaviest I'd ever been.  THAT WAS MY DEFINING MOMENT.  

GAME ON. That fire in my belly returned!!  I began educating myself on how to become healthy - what I needed to eat, portion size, exercise, all the vital things for a healthy lifestyle. I joined a gym.  

I remember the conversation I had with my Husband when I told him about what I was going to do.   He said, “so, you’re going to pick up Lucas from daycare, and then drop him off at another daycare for even longer?"  

Me: “yes, yes, I am.”  Mind you, I'm crying at this point.  Major fricken Mom guilt but I was tired AF with being TIRED AF.  Get me?

I hated to do it, but I had to do this - there was no other way. I had to make time for me - time to get healthy otherwise, nothing would change and I would stay the same.

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For a year, all I did was cardio.  Six days a week, you'd find me on the elliptical. CHANGE YOUR LIFE - was a huge gold lettered sign in my gym.  I read it I was sick of where I was and I was determined to make changes..  I lost weight. 

...Ewwww but that realization that I was "skinny fat", fueled my ambition to start lifting weights!!!  I wanted MUSCLES!  

I studied workouts online.  I wanted to be fit and strong.  No idea how I was really going to do this, just daydreaming. I didn't have the confidence just yet to get myself into the weight lifting side of the gym. I needed someone to teach me what to do and help build my confidence to lift. I hired a trainer and the rest is history.  

I lost myself as life happened.  But I found myself again through fitness. 

Fitness reminded me of what I always had, a fighters spirit.

I can't wait to help you discover yours.


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