Are you desperately needing and wanting a change? 

Are you feeling sick and tired of your current Self?

You are a take charge woman in so many areas of your life. You are a badass in your own unique way. You've got so much of your life together... wouldn't it feel good to finally feel in control of your health and fitness too? 

I know you have the drive and the mental fortitude. You just need solid support and someone you trust, someone who has been there, to tell you what to do and how to do it. 

I'm Trish Shahady, and I know you because your story is my own.  

I've been through my own self discovery and now I am here to help you navigate your own journey while learning to LOVE fitness.  I want you to SEE and FEEL the benefits of daily exercise.  I want you to know your own power, how to love yourself, and have body acceptance while working on your goals AND most importantly, finding BALANCE. Managing your goals with LIFE - family, work, etc. No crazy diets - just good nutrition and exercise.  Have that wine when you want it - no fucking guilt. 

There just comes a time when you need to do you.  Like  DO YOU.  Put all the other BS aside, and just focus.  Be on the attack.  

 Is now your time?

I offer:

One on ONe personal training & semi-private training

bootcamp/HIIT Group workouts

online training

& holistic nutrition support  

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